One-On-One, Personal Training:

Choose to work 1:1 with one of our coaches 1-3 times per week. After completing your assessment the coach will set up a program for your goals and needs. You cant go wrong with individualized training. You'll get to your goals methodically and efficientally. 


Semi-Private Training (Groups 2-10)

Have a group of pitchers looking to increase their power? Or lacrosse midfielders wanting quicker feet in the attack? Semi-private is for YOU. Get 2-10 of your friends together and get to work on your goals. Each of you can complete your assessment individually OR together, then its straight to work 1-5 times a week with one of our coaches. Still specific and efficient, with the benefit of excelling together.


Team Training

Looking to have a coach come to your practice and implement speed, agility, and power modalities? Look no further. Ask about how you can have access to one of our elite coaches "on staff" to take your team to new heights.